Zero Hypotheses is first and foremost a Roam Blog. Access the public graph here (coming soon).

Zero Hypotheses is a blog exploring people, companies and ideas that push, pull and shape our world.

I’m as inspired by philosophy and science as I am by art and history. I try to fuse these ideas to stitch together a unique perspective on the world, in the hopes of understanding a few questions:

  1. How have humans made progress up until this point, and how do we keep going?

  2. As individuals, how do we equip ourselves to work with teams that shift the needle on human progress?

Books are my primary source of information and inspiration. Here’s how I read them, and here’s the summary:

Choose an idea. Identify 5 of the foundational books in the field and study them intensely. Start at zero, identify questions, and seek answers. Take notes and write essays along the way. Identify what you can learn and how it connects to other clusters. Next cluster. Choose topics wisely and in a relatively short amount of time you can develop a store of models and tools to help you navigate life and your work.

Why the name?

In most settings, hypotheses are vital. They’re how you arrive at answers. But this blog isn’t about answers, it’s about exploration.

Exploring ideas with a hypothesis in mind comes with a hidden cost. Having a hypothesis means attempting to test our hypothesis and discard it if it turns out to be false. The cost is that we look at the information we're working with through a single lens. When we look for a specific answer, we blind ourselves to the other revelations the information may contain, limiting our insight.

“Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses – especially learn how to see. Realise that everything connects to everything else.” - Leonardo da Vinci

Why subscribe?

  • Learning clusters can be shaped by subscribers. Tell me what you want me to learn and we can develop a cluster around it. Think about it as a second-brain being built for you. Use it to learn, write, share.

  • Lifetime access is free for the first 500 subscribers. Following that, I’ll start charging.

Learn with me. I’ve been exploring and writing about these ideas for a long time without sharing them. Exploring deeply and seeking connections has benefitted my work and my thinking. If you care about issues of growth, progress, and building world-class teams, I would appreciate your support of my work.